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Most hospitality management degree programs are found at traditional four-year colleges. These bachelor degree programs are by far the most common types of degrees in this field. Some vocational schools may offer a shorter one-year training program that will teach the essentials and allow someone the opportunity to earn an entry-level position. Some students will find this path attractive, but advancement opportunities will always be more abundant for individuals with an undergraduate degree on their resume. Learn more about an undergraduate degree or explore vocational school options.

You may have trouble finding a college in your state that offers a degree in hospitality management. It all depends upon where you live. If you can find a local college with this degree option, you are in luck.

On the other hand, business and management are degree fields that are often offered via online courses too. And you can usually attend any online school you want, as long as you can can accepted. While some colleges won't accept students from every state, your odds of finding one that you can start taking classes from is pretty good. Check out online school options.

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