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There are three general paths for becoming a manager in a restaurant or hotel:

1. Attending a culinary arts program where you learn the essentials of working in a restaurant kitchen, become a chef, learn how the kitchen operates, start running the kitchen and branch out from there.

2. Graduating from a hospitality management degree program at a four-year university and then securing a position.

3. Just start working at a restaurant or hotel in some entry-level position, work hard, do a good job and then start working your way up.

If you really want to be in management and you have no desire to work in the kitchen, the first option probably isn't for you. However, if you think you might like being a chef as much as running a restaurant, then perhaps the first option is your best path. Find out more about a cooking school located near you or you can search for a different culinary school based in some other city.

If you are considering option number two -- attending a college to earn an undergraduate degree in hospitality management -- you are probably taking the most direct path. While spending four years in college isn't always easy, if you can afford the tuition and the expenses, this is a solid choice. Not every college offers this degree, but you should be able to find, for example, a school in Phoenix, a college in Nashville or a school in the closest big city to you that has a degree program in hospitality management.

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