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Whether you want to help run a restaurant, hotel, casino, or nightclub, a hospitality or restaurant management degree program can help you. Your degree can prepare you for FOH (Front of House) and BOH (Back of House) management in all culinary and hospitality industries.

Restaurant Management Degrees: Costs and Programs
Restaurant management degrees come in all shapes and sizes. You can earn an associate's, bachelor's, or master's. Working full-time, an associate's can usually be completed in two years, a bachelor's in four years, and a master's in two more years. Certificates are also available, which usually take about one year to complete.

Students in a hospitality management classroomThe costs of restaurant management degrees programs vary widely, depending, for one, on whether you attend a private or state college. Your length of program will also affect cost — the higher the degree, the higher the cost. While the cost of tuition, books and miscellaneous expenses vary wildly, rough estimates of some of these programs are as follows:

Certificate: up to $5,000 or more
Associate's: $5,000 to $12,000
Bachelor's: $20,000 and up
Master's: $30,000 and up

Chef training or culinary arts programs could also lead you on the path to restaurant management, particularly in kitchen management. Students attending accredited schools are eligible to apply for federal financial aid dollars, including Pell grants and federal student loans; this includes online restaurant management programs.

Careers in Hospitality or Restaurant Management
What does a hospitality manager do all day long? Or, considering that many managers work the night shift, all night long? Here's a sample:

Kitchen Management: Manages kitchen staff; oversees kitchen operations; ensures health/safety standards are met; sometimes orders food, supplies and appliances.

Restaurant Management: Manages restaurant staff, including FOH and BOH employees; ensures satisfaction of customers; oversees restaurant operations; orders food, supplies and appliances.

Hotel Management: Manages hotel staff; oversees property's guest services and accommodations, including housekeeping, spas, catering and banquets; maintains financial reports and documents.

Casino Management: Manages casino staff; protects casino against theft and fraud; decides whether to do business with "high rollers," and if so, what accommodations to provide them; markets casino promotions and properties.

Restaurant Management Degrees: Degrees and Courses
Hospitality and restaurant management is a broad field. In addition to the different levels of education you can pursue, your degree choices include:

Hospitality management
Business and restaurant management
Hospitality, travel, and tourism
Gaming and casino management
Global tourism

Whichever your focus, your program should include certain core content, including:

Kitchen management
Culinary arts and chef training
Food purchasing
Food storage
Employee supervision preparation

If you know the area of hospitality management you want to eventually work in, make sure to take extra courses in that area, whether that is gaming/casinos, restaurants, or hotels. The right training can help lead you to your ideal job. As The College Board points out: "Lots of restaurant managers work their way up from food prep positions, but college degrees are increasingly needed to land that plum spot."

Are you ready to begin your dream job in kitchen management or hospitality or restaurant management? Read more here about how the right education can help you.

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